Why is this our mission?


Tommy was diagnosed with ALL aged 4 and we were in the ward you walked past at hospital that you never wanted to be in! He is now well into his 3-year treatment programme which consists of:

  • Near daily mix of Chemotherapy and Steroids
  • Regular Lumbar Punctures
  • The treatment is toxic

Tommy is one of the lucky ones!

But for others, there is a huge emotional impact on the child and their families, not to mention massive financial costs and medical resources required.

Prevention & Support

Professor Sir Mel Greaves and his team at the Institute of Cancer Research are developing a preventative treatment that could eliminate ALL in Children.

We are aiming to help fund that research and development so that children don’t have to go through the toxic treatment that Tommy is.

Our second goal is to help the families that are currently going through treatment, to help make their lives a little more bearable.

Research Prevention of ALL

Find out more about how our funds will be spent researching and developing prevention of ALL.

Supporting families

Read how our funds will be used to support families who currently have a child going through treatment for Leukaemia and other blood cancers.