World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day ❤️ A day to remember those taken from us too soon ❤️, to celebrate the survivors 💝 and to support the warriors that fight their battle day in, day out, with strength and dignity 💙

World Cancer Day

To the scientists who strive to find cures and preventative medicines we thank you for dedicating your brains and talents to such important work.

To the amazing NHS medical staff, for your hard work, long hours and for caring as much for our loved ones as we do. Without you, we may not have Tommy with us. I want to mention a special nurse who will forever remain in my heart. During the week where Tommy was undergoing diagnostic tests, I knew what was coming, my gut was telling me it was Leukaemia, I just didnt want to hear those words. Whilst lockdowns were just starting to ease, the hospital environment was and still is (understandably on a cancer ward), strict on contact, visitors, PPE, sanitizing etc. So my world was collapsing around me, I’d had no sleep for 5 days straight and as I silent screamed in our hospital bathroom there was no one to hug or tell me it was going to be ok. Then in walked this nurse, this angel, she found me at my lowest point and held me tightly. She wasn’t supposed to, covid had put a stop to that, but she saw my pain and mother to mother she gave me what I needed, the biggest hug. I won’t mention her name because what she did went against rules and crappy covid policies, but I will never ever forget what my angel nurse did for me and will be eternally grateful for her big heart ♥️

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